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Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

Restore your face’s natural shape with our non-surgical Silhouette Soft Thread Lift – one of our most popular procedures in facial rejuvenation.

Suitable for both men and women, Silhouette Soft Thread Lift is a safe and effective contouring treatment for redefining your facial structure without the cost and rigours of surgery. It involves inserting a highly discreet thread (or sutures) under your skin, which is tightened to give you a natural, long-lasting lifting effect. Lost volume is restored, and fine lines and wrinkles are instantly reduced. Importantly, the procedure also allows you to maintain your facial movements and expressions – with results that look 100% natural.

There are two main functions that makes Silhouette Soft Thread Lift such a popular choice among clients. The first concerns the actual application process itself; by skilfully inserting the thread at specific points under your skin, the doctor can give your face an immediate lifting and tightening effect, compensating for previous loss of volume. Furthermore, the procedure also allows the doctor to subtly reshape your problem areas by compressing and elevating the skin’s tissue using the thread.

PDO Mono Thread Lift

PDO Mono Threads are made from Polydioxanone which is an absorbent polymer, and the same material used in dissolvable sutures. They are a flexible & durable thread that is inserted into the face or body, stimulating the formation of collagen around the thread. This gives support to the tissues. These threads are smooth and made without barbs, they are not intended to lift the face, but rather tighten the skin. 

PDO Mono Threads are perfect for the fuller face in patients that naturally have volume, but still want a tightening effect. In these patients volumisation with fillers can leave them looking overfilled or puffy and the threads do a great job of tightening the skin without adding volume.

 In addition, the threads are great in mobile areas of the face such as the accordion lines in the cheeks. Sometimes fillers can migrate and look unnatural when the face is in animation when fillers are injected into this area. Threads are a great way to address these pesky lines without the risk of looking unnatural. 

Despite what you might see online, PDO Mono Threads are relatively painless. The needle is inserted very close to the surface and with a topical anaesthetic, you won't feel much pain.

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