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What is it?

Cooltech’s 10 handpieces in six individual designs for various areas of the body make full-body contouring easy and effective. Its dual-sculpting ability means faster and more efficient treatment for patients. Its affordable consumables costs mean excellent return on investment for clinics and more affordable treatment for patients. Cooltech has treated more than 1 million patients in over 40 countries with an overall satisfaction rate of 95%.

How does it work? 

The process of cryolipolysis was initially discovered after observing that children who regularly ate icy-poles would develop dimples in their cheeks. It was then realised that fat cells die when exposed to cold temperatures. ​

Cooltech works with an adjustable vacuum applicator that acts by selectively encapsulating the fat tissue in its interior, and initiating a highly controlled decrease in temperature to achieve fat cell apoptosis (death).

The handpiece delivers a controlled temperature of around -8ºc over the space of 70 minutes. This temperature allows the fat cells in the area to become damaged whilst keeping all water based cells like skin, unharmed.​

After the treatment, your body goes through natural metabolic processes to remove the damaged fat cells. 

 Cooltech’s ability to use two handpieces simultaneously optimises treatment times and ensures maximum results from each session.

Why and how does this machine differ from others? 

  • Unlike other technologies, the Cooltech system has 6 different applicators to suit a variety of areas on the body. 

  • The applicators are larger and much deeper than other popular technologies - allowing for more fat to be treated at a time. ​

  • The machine has two treatment outlets that can treat two areas simultaneously.​

  • Treatment is often more comfortable and safer due to the gradual suction feature and adjustable temperatures.

What areas can be treated? 

There is a simple saying with fat freezing that "if you can squeeze it, we can treat it".

With the variety of applicators, cooltech can treat: 

- Abdomen

- Inner and Outer thighs 

- Flanks or Love handles 

- Bra line (front or back) 

- Upper arms 

- Chin 

What should I expect during treatment? 

After getting comfortable on the treatment bed, your therapist will apply a protective gel pad over your skin (this can feel a little cold initially). 

Once the gel pad is in place, your therapist will position the treatment applicator and start the treatment. 

Initially you may feel a slight tugging sensation as the applicator grabs onto the treatment area. Then you will feel a slight stinging sensation for about 7-10 minutes as your body adjusts to the temperature. This tends to feel similar to the sensation of submerging your hand into ice water. 

After the initial adjustment, your skin will go numb and you will not feel any discomfort. Many of our client will either read, watch netflix or even sleep while their treatment happens. 

Once the applicator is removed, you will again experience that slight stinging sensation as your skin adjusts back to the temperature of the room. This lasts about 5 minutes at which point you should feel completely comfortable.

How many treatments will I need? 

As every person is unique in their shape and has different concerns, we always have an initial consultation with you in order to measure and mark up your treatment area in the same way that a doctor would for a liposuction procedure. 


Therefore, the number of treatment applicators you need to target your concern will vary, afterall, we want to sculpt the best shape for you! 

Up to 30% reduction can be seen after one session however some clients can have up to 3 sessions for more drastic results.


What happens to my fat post treatment?

Once the fat cells are damaged, your body will undergo the same processes that are used during normal weight loss.

You will not physically see fat leaving your body, rather, it will be expelled via your urine, breath and sweat.

As you can imagine, drinking plenty of water and maintaining a good level of aerobic activity will help your body get rid of these fat cells quicker whilst also improving your results!

What are the side effects of treatment? 

The Cooltech treatment is a brilliant alternative to liposuction for suitable patients because it is completely non-invasive and has little to no downtime! 

The typical client will experience temporary numbness in the treated area as well as some minor discomfort similar to the sensation of sore muscles after the gym. 

Less commonly, clients may experience some mild bruising or swelling in the area that can last a few days. 

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